KSL Reviews

RADLEY S. KSL Soaps. Has everything for everyone great smells soaps for men and women you can find not only soaps of all kinds to help with any troubles you may be facing from acne to just exfoliation. KSL also has body butter with scents even guys could use. Its light spreads well and don't feel heavy on your skin. Everybody butter I've bought has mysteriously ended up in someone else's position.

DETORYA B. KSL has the best body butter I have ever used. The texture and smell are the best!!! Makes my skin look and feel amazing

AMBER S. Dark Crystal! This is all that needs to be said but I'll say more. The smell is so uniquely wonderful. You can’t match it with any other brand out there. It has become my signature sent.

 LAQUITA G. I am in love with KSL face soap I have been using the charcoal soap with turmeric it has done wonders for my face doesn't leave my skin feeling dry or oily my skin feels refreshed after every use I have always had a problem with my acne and black spots and I noticed a total difference within the first month.

TAMMY S. I never knew about body butter until I get used KSL whipped body butter I think I have tried almost every cent so I don't have a favorite. but they always leave my skin feeling moist and the smell is not too strong or overpowering... Fresh out of the shower my husband says my legs feel silky smooth

AMBER S. I am living for the All in One face bar. Adult acne is a pain especially when you thought you left it back in your teenage years. This bar has kept my break out to a minimum, even helps with inflammation if they do occur. I buy 4 bars at a time I love that much.

ERIIKA S. If you are looking for versatile body oil, you can’t go wrong with these all natural oils. From moisturizing, to massages, to a few drops in your bath water this is everything.