Hi, my name is Kellie Ligon. I am the owner and soap maker of KSL SOAPS! I have been making all-natural soap since spring of 2019. I developed an all-natural product that my family and friends loved. So, we decided to sell!!!! We had a very big first year. So big, that in Januaryof 2020 we went live with our very website and LLC. We participate in a weekly farmer’s market, right here in Louisville KY. We have done great locally, and now we are ready for the world!!!

   Our company’s goal is to offer all-natural, luxury, artisan soaps. That are not only good for you, that are good to you. We make beautifully hand-crafted soaps, body butters, sugar scrubs, deodorants and so much more. We are a small family owned business, that is dedicated to offering you an excellent product. That is reasonably priced and that really cleans. We know once you try our products you will love them. To everyone who has taking the time to browse shop and share. We thank you from the bottom of hearts !! Peace and Blessings.